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English and the teaching of English is the foundation of our curriculum.  Our main aim is to ensure that every single child becomes literate and progresses in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. We want every child to have a love of reading as well as being able to read words accurately and comprehend texts.  Children should be able to discuss, share and explore a wide range of texts and have a reading fluency that enables them to access what the full curriculum has to offer and succeed in the future.  Within writing, we want every child to be able to write competently for a range of purposes.

At Wherwell we believe reading is an essential part of life. We want children to harness a lifelong love of reading for pleasure with a range of text types, genres and authors.  We also ask parents to read with their children to support them with their love for reading and to aid in their understanding of different texts. 

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How does our English curriculum work? 

Our English is planned around a text that drives our learning towards a variety of outcomes. The text is usually linked to our key learning topic and is used to help deepen our understanding of a topic.